I'm Benjamin Schmidt.

I design and create beautiful web applications
and apps for Android.

I started creating websites when I was 10 and I was loving it so I kept doing it. My first project was a website that created PHP snippets on the fly for anybody to use. Today I focus on design and UX and keep refining every pixel until everything is just right.

Branding, Webservice

Codeante is the most beautiful yet powerful project manager. It features task management, bug reports, BETA testing, team support and discovery for new projects at a very affordable price.

codeante.com ›

Website, Server Software, Android App

PushNotifier enables you to send anything from one device to another using a single account - i.e. from your PC to your iPhone or Android device. It has an open API so you can do just about everything with it.

pushnotifier.de ›

Website, Android App

Cloupload is the most beautiful CloudApp client for Android to date. It offers rich media previews, uploads from any app and nice and subtle animations.

cloupload.gidix.net ›

System, Branding, Current CTO

Adepto.as is a custom-built system for replacing paper-based house acquisition protocols in Norway with a simple and elegant electronic solution via smartphone or tablet.

adepto.as ›

Other Projects

Webfonts Generator

Convert ttf/otf for use in CSS.

webfonts.gidix.net ›

CloudApp Webclient

A better my.cl.ly.

dribbble.com ›


A RegEx testing tool.

labs.gidix.de/expression ›

Contact Me

If you need someone to help you create the next big thing or want to contact me for other reasons, use the form to reach out to me. Please note that I am currently not available for big projects.


Benjamin Schmidt
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